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New Titles - Primary School Books

Early Birds provides comprehensive coverage of the reading, writing and numeracy concepts fundamental to Early Childhood learning. They are designed for use both in the classroom and at home, and promote parental involvement in children’s learning.

Bright Sparks: Caribbean Primary Mathematics
The new, fully revised second edition of Bright Sparks combines the engaging, colourful and student-centred approach of the first edition with many new features, including new Student's Books at the reception level, interactive CD-ROMs with Student’s Books 1-6, new Workbooks at the lower levels and Teacher’s Books for each level of the course.

Bright Ideas: Caribbean Primary Science
The new
interactive CD-ROMs (at Levels 1-6) support learning in the classroom and at home.  Each CD-ROM includes over 100 practice activities, as well as simulated experiments which allow students to try out things that aren’t possible in the classroom.

Bright Ideas: Primary Science for Jamaica
Bright Ideas Jamaica has been created especially for the Jamaican upper primary science curriculum.  It promotes a modern, student-centred approach to science learning, formulated through a close collaboration between experienced Jamaican teachers and primary science specialists.  

Language Tree Reading Scheme
Using the step-by-step approach of the popular Language Tree primary Language Arts series, these infant Readers and their corresponding Workbooks will help children to acquire all the decoding and comprehension skills they need to become fluent readers.

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