Story Books

Hop, Step, Jump: Gyp's Puppies
As soon as she came home from school Shari ran to Gyp’s kennel. Her eyes lit up and ...
£ 3.65
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Hop, Step, Jump: Sailing Days
When Jared’s family moves from Trinidad to landlocked Switzerland, he fears his sailing d...
£ 3.50
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Hop, Step, Jump: Sally's Way
One early morning in May, as Sally sat hunched under the gushing water at the village stand pipe, sh...
£ 4.15
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Illustrated Anansi
Sunset time is story time in the Caribbean and the children gather around an old woman and listen to...
£ 12.25
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Legend of St Ann's Flood
No one ever knew the cause of the deadly flood that hit St Ann’s, Trinidad in 1993 - no one, t...
£ 8.70
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Once Below A Time
Once Below a Time is a collection of short stories written by students of the College of The Bahamas...
£ 8.90
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