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The Anthony C. Winkler Collection
This unmissable collection from the acclaimed Jamaican writer, famed for his hilarious, ‘out of order’ writing, brings together his critically acclaimed classics, as well as his eagerly anticipated new novels and autobiography.

'All his work fizzes with an exuberant delight in the speech, manners and customs of the island underclass. And the books tangle frankly - and uproariously - with the taboos of race, colour and class… It's almost as if PG Wodehouse had strolled into the world of Bob Marley.'
Boyd Tonkin, The Independent

'The author never relaxes his hilarious examination of the island’s taboos… By far the funniest book I’ve read in a decade, although its ribald atmosphere is sprayed with the pepper-gas of aggressive social satire.'
Bob Shacochis, Washington Post Book World

'Winkler manages to combine mockery with benevolence, accuracy with absurdity and the hard facts of life with a shot of magical humour … this is the work of a master storyteller.'

Susan Knight, Caribbean Review of Books

Anthony C. Winkler was born in Jamaica, and was educated in Jamaica and America. His first novel, The Painted Canoe, was published in Jamaica in 1984. The Lunatic followed in 1987, and Winkler also wrote the screenplay for a highly successful film of this novel.

In addition to his new autobiography (Trust the Darkness: My Life as a Writer) and novel (Crocodile), other works include The Great Yacht Race (1992), Going Home to Teach (1995), The Duppy (1997) and Dog War (2006). In 1999 his original screenplay The Annihilation of Fish, was filmed in Los Angeles. Starring opposite James Earl Jones with Margot Kidder, Lynn Redgrave won Palm Beach Best Actress for her role as Poinsettia.  He resides with his wife, Cathy, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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