Cast-netting at Mullins Beach, Barbados.  Taken from Barbados: Portrait of an Island by Mike Toy
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Educational Books - Primary School Books

Bright Ideas is a new science course for all students in Caribbean primary schools. Developed to fulfil the requirements of primary science curricula throughout the region, the Student’s Books and supporting materials promote a modern, student centred approach to science learning. There are seven full colour Student’s Books from Kindergarten level to the final year of primary school.

Key features of the Student’s Books are:

• scientific ideas introduced in a lively and entertaining way

• content structured in lesson-sized topics with clearly stated


• graded language appropriate to student’s reading age

• numerous practical activities using everyday materials

• wide variety of paper-and-pencil exercises, discussion topics

and suggestions for group work to promote interactive


Caribbean contexts and issues examined in depth

• high quality illustrations and photographs

• review exercises and end of unit tests

• extensive glossary to develop student’s scientific vocabulary

• internet links to promote independent research

NEW interactive CD-ROMs (at Levels 1-6) support learning in the classroom and at home. Each CD-ROM includes over 100 practice activities, as well as simulated experiments which allow students to try out things that aren’t possible in the classroom.

Workbooks to complement the Student’s Books are available for each level of the course.

Separate Teacher’s Books, with background information, teaching notes and support for remedial and extension activities are also available for FREE.


The course has been written through a close collaboration between experienced teachers and primary science specialists.

Bright Ideas sample pages

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