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Educational Books - Primary School Books

Macmillan Language Tree is a comprehensive seven-level Primary Language Arts Series for the Caribbean.

It follows an integrated approach and provides:
• Coverage of the syllabus for your country
• Thorough practice of each language point
• Practice of listening, speaking, reading, writing, thinking and

  viewing skills
• Plenty of reading practice and comprehension skills with 

  many different types of texts
• Explicit teaching of process writing
• Regular assessment
• A Workbook at each level to reinforce the work of the

  Student’s Book

The Workbooks reinforce the skills and concepts taught in the Student’s Books. There are exercises which practise specific skills as well as opportunities to fill in forms, interpret charts, edit text and extract information. The Teacher’s Books provide unit-by-unit suggestions for homework, extension work, assessment and answers to the exercises.

Click here to visit the resources section of the website for Language Tree online teacher's resources including FREE Teacher's Books.

This course has been written through a close collaboration between experienced teachers and Language Arts specialists:

Tyrone Ali, Leonie Bennett, Alice Castillo, Shannon Gillett Solis, Dian Maheia, Pauline Millar, Aaron Ramrattan, Julia Sander, Laurie Sealy, Veronica Simon, Allyson Wharton

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