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Company history

Celebrating a new Macmillan Education

A little over 170 years ago, the Macmillan brothers set up a small publishing company in the UK. Since then, the pioneering spirit of Macmillan and the reputation for quality we’ve built over the years has meant we’ve been able to build lasting relationships with thousands of teachers, students and institutions in over 130 countries.

Education is always evolving and we’re evolving with it at Macmillan Education. The latest evolution is the way we look and what we offer our teachers and learners. Learn more about Macmillan Education around the world here.

The Caribbean

We specialise in Caribbean curriculum publishing, bringing together the expertise and capabilities of local authors, educators, Ministry officials and subject officers to help students achieve their academic goals. We also work closely with teachers to ensure they have access to the best, most up-to-date resources and materials to help make their lessons engaging and stimulating for every student.

We understand that each Caribbean country has a unique set of requirements and that these are always changing. Our team ensures that we know what is happening and that the books and teaching resources we provide are the best they can be.

In simple terms, we find out what teachers, students and parents want and use our people and technology to help them get it as efficiently as possible.

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Access official CXC exam resources such as CSEC and CAPE past papers, syllabuses and subject reports on CXC Store.

FREE teacher’s resources including audio files, worksheets, lesson plans and more are available online here.

We’ve moved our digital library to a brand new home, so you can browse, purchase and download to your chosen device in an instant. Visit Macmillan Caribbean eBooks.

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