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Caribbean Street Food Barbados:
A Guide to the Best Places to Eat on the Street

Peter Laurie
Mike Toy

‘Certainly it’s comprehensive, with everything down to dunks and barbecued pigtail getting in.  The writing is solid too, author Peter Laurie capturing the informal, come-hither style, imparting information while producing regular grins and the odd guffaw.’
B.C. Pires, Caribbean Beat

Outdoors is a good place to be in the Caribbean. The scenery's good, the weather is even better. But best of all, outdoors, on the street, is where the really good food comes from. On sidewalks and beaches, under shop awnings or in stalls, balanced with great skill on heads and bicycles, street food is everywhere.

No frills, no cutlery and no service charge; this is the food West Indians miss when they're far from home. If you're not afraid of missing out on the tourist brochure version (or of getting your hands dirty), here's a guide to eating your way across the islands.

About the authors
Peter Laurie is a former ambassador of Barbados to the United States, China and Cuba. He is the author of several prize-winning plays, and has published three illustrated children’s books, a book on the Barbadian rum shop, a book on Barbados (with photographer Mike Toy), and a book on West Indies cricket (with co-author Tony King), all for Macmillan Caribbean. He writes a fortnightly column in BarbadosSunday Sun newspaper. He enjoys cooking and eating.

Mike Toy developed his interest in photography while living in the Canadian Rockies in the early 1980s.  Following a five-year stint as a commercial photographer in the offshore oil industry he moved to Barbados to pursue more creative avenues. He has photographed four books and maintains a comprehensive on-line library of Caribbean stock images.

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