Cast-netting at Mullins Beach, Barbados.  Taken from Barbados: Portrait of an Island by Mike Toy
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What's Cooking in Guyana

This second edition, with a new four-colour format, has been completely revised and updated. There are new recipe sections featuring well-known Indian and Amerindian dishes, and a background to food preparation is also included at the beginning of the book to provide a useful guide to some basic facts about the ingredients that are being used.

Accompanied by new colour photographs, this new edition will do much to stimulate interest in, and use of, local Guyanese foods and culinary products that home-makers, amateur cooks and chefs will take a delight in preparing and presenting and, in doing so, develop a culinary skill that is unique to Guyana.

The Carnegie School of Home Economics, formerly the Carnegie Trade School, was founded in 1933 with a grant donated by the Carnegie Trustees and an additional grant from the United Kingdom funds for the relief of unemployment. In 2003 it celebrated its 70th anniversary of teaching culinary skills to students and formed a committee to produce the new edition of What's Cooking in Guyana.

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