Cast-netting at Mullins Beach, Barbados.  Taken from Barbados: Portrait of an Island by Mike Toy
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Cooking in the Caribbean

Errol W. Barrow
Kendal A. Lee

Privilege is a very special kind of cookery book. It was written by two West Indians from different islands, from different ethnic origins, different fields of work and different backgrounds. The great interest they both shared was their love of cooking and this also contributed to the friendship they shared.

About the authors
Errol Barrow
was a politician, a black Barbadian who in the course of a distinguished political career was Prime Minister of Barbados from 1961 to 1976 and from 1986 to his death in 1987.

Doctor Kendal Lee, of Chinese origin, was from Trinidad, a man of many cultured interests. Sadly, he also died only a few weeks after Errol Barrow. This book stands as a legacy of their wish to share their love of the rich diversity of good recipes from the Caribbean with others.

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