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Joanne Haynes

‘Josephine’s story is full of lively characters and tongue-in-cheek happenings.  The details of her life are well-rounded and as bright with humour as with angst.  She tells her story with a lilt that could only come from the oral tradition.  It is a story told among friends for the pleasure of telling.’

Mary Hanna, The Sunday Gleaner


‘This is the work of an exciting emergent Caribbean writer.  I look forward to reading more publications from her fluent pen.’

Helen Pyne Timothy, Founding President of Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars

‘Joanne Haynes has written a courageous novel, entering the complex territory of race and class in the Caribbean.  It is a page turner that holds the attention of the reader not only with its gripping narrative, but also with its insights into the complexities of growing up young, female and of mixed ethnicity in a politically independent society that nevertheless still prizes the aesthetics and values of the colonizer.’

Elizabeth Nunez, award-winning author of Bruised Hibiscus and Prospero's Daughter.

Little Josephine was so afraid of Sister Angelica that whenever the two came face to face, little Jo would almost certainly have an embarrassing accident. Her teacher disliked Jo, everyone teased her, no-one wanted to be her friend.

Teenage Josephine wasn't afraid of anyone, and she had more friends than she knew what to do with. She had discovered her sexual attraction. Her popularity with the boys soared, while her exam grades plummeted. But Jo still wasn't happy. Grown up Josephine still had a thorny path to tread. Her job brought her into contact with real poverty and obeah, her marriage exposed her to the trauma of a forced abortion, her health was prey to anxiety attacks and diabetes. Not until she found success in creative expression was Josephine able to overcome her subconscious fears and commit to happiness.

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