Steel drums being played in Antigua
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Treasure House:
Caribbean Anthologies - Book 2

Compiled and Edited by Veronica Simon and Barbara Applin

Treasure House is a series of illustrated anthologies for young readers, with stories and poems from all over the Caribbean.

Treasure House 2 is suitable for readers aged from 10-12 years old. There are stories about kite-flying, games to play on a car journey and making a seashell necklace. What was the link between Zebedee and the Pirates and what was the secret of the Haunted House? We read about a lizard’s adventure and what happened when a seal is washed up on the beach.  

Poems show children’s thoughts and feelings about new babies, wishes for the future, things that make you angry, wanting to be yourself and things to treasure.

Three separate forewords are addressed respectively to the young readers, to teachers and to parents. Each story or poem is followed by questions, activities and discussion points, one to consider before the reading and others to follow after, perhaps with friends or in class groups.

The authors talk about themselves and what inspired them, and the afterword encourages the young readers to look back and reflect on what they have experienced in exploring these wonderful Treasure Houses.

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