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2008 - Social Studies for Trinidad and Tobago Book 1:
Understanding Our Past, Shaping Our Future

Anthony Luengo

The Social Studies for Trinidad and Tobago series is written especially for students in the new Junior Secondary (Forms 1-3) program in Trinidad and Tobago.
The three texts in the series offer a variety of opportunities to students for individual study and group work through a combination of informative narrative and numerous creative and skill-building activities.

Each of the three texts:

  • Covers all units and learning outcomes of the syllabus
  • Provides ‘Key Questions’ at the beginning of each chapter to trigger student interest and thinking
  • Highlight key terms and concepts at the beginning of each chapter and as they appear in the chapter itself
  • Includes ‘Checkpoints’ to ensure comprehension of content
  • Offers ‘Thinking Creatively and Critically’ activities to encourage analysis, application, synthesis, and evaluation
  • Includes numerous visuals such as photographs, maps, charts, and timelines, both to reinforce the narrative and to help students develop their skills at interpreting visual material
  • Provides ‘Skills Tool Kits’ for the development of specific skills such as locating and evaluating information, conducting interviews, reading and interpreting graphic information, researching the Internet, working collaboratively, making decisions, recognizing point of view, separating fact from opinion, detecting bias, and making oral presentations
  • Includes a glossary of key terms and concepts, as well as an index.

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