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Bright Sparks:
Caribbean Primary Mathematics: Workbook 4

Laurie Sealy
Sandra Moore

The Bright Sparks Workbooks provide practical exercises for homework, practice with new skills, further opportunities for problem solving, and interesting, thoughtful word problems to connect mathematics to everyday life.

The layout of the workbooks allows the students to show their steps in solving problems and demonstrates their understanding. Teachers will appreciate the layout, and the close alignment of the workbooks to the Bright Sparks texts. Extra exercises are included for those concepts and skills which experienced teachers know cause difficulty for some students.

About the authors
Laurie Sealy
, MA, Cert Ed, BA (Hons), has over 20 years of teaching experience in Barbados, preparing hundreds of students for success at the Common Entrance Examination level.  She taught Maths methods to prospective teachers at the University level in California, and has conducted professional development workshops with Mathematics teachers in eight Caribbean countries.

Sandra Moore trained in England and started her teaching career in London before returning to Barbados in 1983. She subsequently was appointed headmistress of Jones Junior School before joining the teaching staff at St Winifred’s School in Barbados in 1993.

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