Steel drums being played in Antigua
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Macmillan Language Tree:
Workbook 5

Language Tree is a comprehensive seven-level Primary Language Arts Series for the Caribbean. 

It follows an integrated approach and provides:

·       Coverage of the syllabus for your country

·       Thorough practice of each language point

·       Practice of listening, speaking, reading, writing,  

        thinking and viewing skills

·       Development of reading and comprehension skills  

        using different types of text

·       Explicit teaching of process writing

·       Regular assessment

·       A Workbook at each level to reinforce the work of 

        the Student’s Book

·       A Teacher’s Book for each level of the course


This course has been written through a close collaboration between experience teachers and Language Arts specialists:

Tyrone Ali – Leonie Bennett – Alice Castillo – Shannon Gillett Solis – Dian Maheia – Pauline Millar – Aaron Ramrattan – Laurie Sealy – Veronica Simon – Allyson Wharton

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