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Edward Seaga - My Life and Leadership:
Volume I: Clash of Ideologies 1930 - 1980

Edward Seaga

“… since I have had the honour to preside over the Government. I am only too well aware that once Mr Seaga takes his seat, irrespective of the numbers beside and behind him, Her Majesty’s loyal Opposition is alive and well.”
The Most Honourable P.J. Patterson


Edward Phillip George Seaga is one of the most outstanding Jamaican politicians – with a reputation for creativity, controversy and courage.  His autobiography offers a unique insight into the emergence of modern Jamaica, a journey characterized by idealism and intrigue, conflict and triumph.


The young protégé of legendary National Hero, founder and leader of the Jamaica Labour Party, Sir Alexander Bustamante, Harvard graduate Edward Seaga was drawn to the roots of Jamaican folk society as a research student of the life of the poor in rural and inner-city communities.


He rose dramatically through the ranks to leadership of the JLP in 15 years, leading the party for the next 30 years.  As the youngest parliamentarian at the time, he gave notice in his signature speech on the ‘haves and have-nots’ that his mission was to pull up the poor without pulling down the rich – in a country with little wealth both capital and labour are mutually dependent for success.  This was Bustamante’s underlying pragmatic philosophy too.


In describing his own political journey Seaga gives a fascinating and enlightening commentary on Jamaica’s modern history in unprecedented detail. His story gathers momentum as the country is ravaged by the ideological differences between the JLP and the opposing People’s National Party, led by Michael Manley, culminating in the violence and terror of the 1976 State of Emergency. Volume 1 concludes dramatically with the JLP’s return to power – and Edward Seaga elected as Prime Minister of Jamaica.


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