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Human and Social Biology for CSEC® Examinations Pack (Book & CD-ROM)

Phil Gadd

Human and Social Biology for CSEC® Examinations is one of a series of books written especially for students studying for the CSEC General Proficiency examinations. The authors are all highly experienced teachers. The books have been written to make it easy to study a whole topic from scratch, or to seek out answers to specific problems. The book can be used by individuals or as a reference source for group work.

The interactive CD-ROM offers further study on challenging topics with the syllabus.  The wide range of activities, animations, videos, games and experiments offer a new and exciting way for students to learn, as well as greatly increasing their enjoyment in the subject.  A markbook and feedback for every question allows students to monitor their progress and encourages learner independence.


CXC’s updated and revised syllabus for CSEC Human & Social Biology has been published and will come into effect from ‘back-to-school’ in September 2009. 
Macmillan’s Human & Social Biology for CSEC® Examinations conforms to all of the changes to the syllabus as outlined below:        

·     All the significant new changes to the syllabus are covered


·     Macmillan’s textbook matches the sequence of presentation of the syllabus Sections and now also the Chapter sequence for Life’s Processes


·     The new syllabus now specifies the diagrams required and they are all clearly drawn in the Macmillan book


·     The new syllabus also specifies Practical Investigations – all of these are contained in Macmillan’s Human & Social Biology textbook


·     As one example of the close relationship between the syllabus and book, the investigation on obesity from the body mass index is now specified in the syllabus and covered in the book.

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