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Macmillan Primary Integrated Studies: Revision Guides:
Grade 3 - Language Arts

June Mitchelmore

This Revision Guide covers all the Language Arts topics in the Integrated Curriculum for Jamaica for Grades 1-3. The work is arranged around the nine Attainment Targets identified in the curriculum for Language Arts. It will therefore serve as a useful reference for students and teachers to assess whether they have covered and achieved the outcomes designed for Grades 1-3.

Key features of the book:

  Each chapter includes an overview, revision notes,   
    exercises and a summary

  Numerous practical exercises that students can answer in  
    their exercise books

  Structured work with phonics, and lots of practise

  Chapters arranged in three sections, each with a
    Diagnostic Test

  Complete Diagnostic Test at the end of the course

  Teaching notes with answers to selected questions, tests
    and spelling lists

  The book can be used throughout grades 1, 2 and 3 to  
    check students’ progress. This can be        
    especially useful in Multi-grade classes

  Alternatively the first chapters can be used for revision at
    the beginning of Grade 3, and the remaining part for   
    seatwork during Grade 3

  The chapters can be used as a basis for lesson planning
    within the classroom and Teacher’s Training Colleges

  The summaries and questions can be used by Grade 4
    teachers to assess the students with regard to previous
    work, and to identify needs.


About the author
Dr June Mitchelmore is a well-known language and science writer in the Caribbean. Her primary science series, Finding Out, and the two series for primary language, Step by Step to Reading and Step by Step to Language Mastery are also published by Macmillan. She is also the author of Let’s Pass Science and the Revision Guide for Grades 1-3 for Science.

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