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Essential Primary Reading Skills for the Caribbean:
Book 4

Louis Fidge

Essential Primary Reading Skills for the Caribbean develops and practises reading across a wide range and type of texts. The cross-curricular approach used, all carefully graded so as to be incremental in difficulty, ensure that children will learn to read well in all their subjects at school.

  • Incorporates a wide range of texts including poetry, fiction and information texts
  • Skills developed at three levels - whole text, sentence and word level
  • Includes text related activities for comprehension, grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary development
  • Encourages children to use literal, inferential, evaluative and appreciative comprehension skills
  • Fits well alongside any other reading materials currently being used
  • Includes a glossary of key language terms used

About the author
Louis Fidge
, BA, MA, Cert TEFLA, is passionate about the importance of quality primary education and has over thirty years experience in urban, rural and international schools where he worked as head teacher, adviser and educational consultant. He is a widely published author of children's text books in the UK and he is internationally involved in curriculum development and in-service training in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

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