Colourful washing hanging up in Soufrière, St Lucia.  Taken from Caribbean: The Islands by Donald Nausbaum
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Caribbean Revision History for CXC

P. Ashdown
F. Humphreys

The quality and detail of Part 1, combined with the practicality of Part 2, both structured in line with CXC requirements, make this an indispensable aid for students and teachers of CXC History and equivalent examinations.

Part 1: Notes on Caribbean History
Standard texts cover the outlines of West Indian/Caribbean history in greater or lesser chronological details. The first section of Caribbean Revision History for CXC structures the information and interpretations according to the 16 themes set out in the CXC syllabus.

Part 2: Question Analysis and Sample Questions
The second section deals separately with the three types of question to be found in the examinations; multiple-choice and stimulus questions and the structured essay. The nature of each question is studied and examples from past papers are examined in detail. In addition, there are many practice questions of each type covering the whole syllabus.

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