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Caribbean Flavors

Wendy Rahamut

‘This is compendium of recipes is a mainstay for any home and should make an ideal gift if only because of its attractive packaging, not to mention, the even more attractive and stupendous wonders in its contents which can delight the palates of all.’

Reynold Bassant, Trinidad Guardian

‘Caribbean Flavors is an enticing introduction to Rahamut's version of fusion cuisine, reinventing traditional dishes through clever combinations of tastes drawn from the region s abundance of cultural influences. Her fresh approach delivers recipes with a thrilling contemporary twist that will still taste like home.’

Simon Lee, Caribbean Beat


The food of the Caribbean represents a fascinating fusion of cultures. The islands boast influences from Africa, East India, China, South America, Europe, South East Asia, Syria and the Lebanon. Each of these cultures has left its own unique mark on the food of the region evolving in their own way to produce a new type of fusion cuisine that is mouth-watering, spicy and delicious. And this is what Caribbean Flavors is all about. Here you will find recipes reflecting the authentic and indigenous foods of the various islands but you will also experience a new type of Caribbean fusion cooking with a brighter, fresher, modern twist. With over 150 recipes to choose from, this is Caribbean cooking for the 21st Century - a cuisine to make your taste buds jump for joy and your imagination carry you down the islands. So go ahead and enjoy a taste of the Caribbean today!


About the author
In addition to being a cookbook author, freelance food consultant, and food stylist, Wendy Rahamut is also the weekly food writer for the Trinidad Guardian newspaper, she owns and operates the Wendy Rahamut School of Cooking, she has been the host of her long standing weekly television cooking show entitled, Caribbean Flavors since 1998 and has appeared on TFN’s (The Food Network, USA) Planet Food “Caribbean Episode”. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Caribbean Gourmet magazine, a quarterly Caribbean food and lifestyle publication.

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