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Modern Caribbean Cuisine

Wendy Rahamut


‘Merely to thumb through the pages of this cookbook is to experience a culinary delight in itself – within minutes the salivary glands begin to flow!’
Lynette Da Silva,
Trinidad Guardian

In Modern Caribbean Cuisine Wendy Rahamut demonstrates the new directions into which Caribbean cooking is now moving. While influences from all over the world have been assimilated an essential integrity remains, and these recipes could have come from nowhere else but the islands of the Caribbean. Fusion has long been a feature of the Caribbean cuisine: traditional recipes represent a rich inheritance from African, Indian, and European ancestors.

In this collection, Wendy Rahumut emphasizes the importance of using indigenous ingredients and putting them in the mix to create a ‘fresher, tastier, spicy and delicious cuisine’. The result is a celebration of the Caribbean flavours as they are today. Modern Caribbean Cuisine is an extension of Wendy Rahamut’s first Caribbean cookbook Caribbean Flavors.

About the author
In addition to being a cookbook author, freelance food consultant, and food stylist, Wendy Rahamut is also the weekly food writer for the Trinidad Guardian newspaper, she owns and operates the Wendy Rahamut School of Cooking, she has been the host of her long standing weekly television cooking show entitled, Caribbean Flavors since 1998 and has appeared on TFN’s (The Food Network, USA) Planet Food “Caribbean Episode”. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Caribbean Gourmet magazine, a quarterly Caribbean food and lifestyle publication.

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